Are Jeeps Reliable?

2022 metallic light blue jeep renegade and compass e hybrid driving next to a row of trees

The famous car brand, Jeep, is known for its incredible range of SUVs. It’s been in the market since the 1940s, and Jeeps are considered a prime vehicle choice for off-road adventures. However, aside from all the buzz, are jeeps reliable? Generally, Jeeps are reliable and provide multiple advanced safety features and engines. However, Jeeps … Read more

How Long Do Jeep Patriots Last?

2007 silver jeep patriot crd limited driving through a deep mud bog

The Jeep Patriot is a compact crossover SUV that was discontinued in 2017, but the vehicle still has a lot of loyal customers who’d prefer getting their hands on a second-hand Patriot. If you’re in the market, you may want to know just how long Jeep Patriots last. A Jeep Patriot typically lasts 100,000-200,000 miles … Read more

Can You Paint a Jeep Hardtop?

2018 red jeep rubicon with the optional hardtop on a demo incline

Jeeps can typically take a lot of beating being all-terrain vehicles, and they can get scratches and dents, resulting in a dull look. Some people are uncomfortable seeing too many scratches. If you happen to have a scuffed-up hardtop and want to give it a refresh, can you paint a Jeep hardtop? Painting the hardtop … Read more

How Long Do Jeep Wranglers Last? 

2020 white jeep wrangler rubicon 80th anniversary edition driving on tarmac

The Jeep Wrangler has a strong off-road performance and iconic style. The Wrangler is a solid choice when it comes to reliability. It’s built for the outdoors and can survive rough terrain, making it much tougher than other cars and adding to its lifespan. But how long do Jeep Wranglers last? The jeep Wrangler has … Read more

How Much Can a Jeep Grand Cherokee Tow?

2023 silver red and white jeep grand cherokee 4xe plug in hybrids on top of a mountain

The renowned American automobile marque, Jeep, has been manufacturing Grand Cherokees, a range of mid-size SUVs, since 1993. The vehicle is known for its astonishing towing capacity, among many other features. So, how much can a Jeep Grand Cherokee tow? The average towing capacity of a Jeep Grand Cherokee is approximately anywhere between 3500 and … Read more

Jeep Commander Problems: 4 Common Issues

2007 black jeep commander crd limited driving though a creek in the woods

Suppose you were thinking of buying a Jeep Commander because of its rugged looks, offroad capability, and the option of the incredible HEMI V8. In that case, there are some common issues to consider before taking the plunge. The Jeep Commander suffers from the interior door handles breaking, engine stalling without warning, sunroof leaking, and … Read more

Worst Jeep Wrangler Years: Common Problems

2014 blue polar edition jeep wrangler 5 door driving in the alps

The worst years for Jeep Wranglers were 2007 to 2014, these years spanned over most of the Jeep Wrangler JK lifespan, and most issues stayed the same through the years. While the Jeep Wrangler is a staple in the offroad scene, some year models have many problems that should be avoided at all costs. This … Read more

Jeep Grand Cherokee Problems: 21 Common Issues

2017 red and white jeep grand cherokee trailhawk driving throught the woods on snow

While Jeep is known for its offroading agility, luxurious interiors, and excellent designs, the Jeep Grand Cherokee has more than its fair share of problems. The Jeep Grand Cherokee suffers from the engine stalling randomly, power windows failure, death wobble, the instrument cluster going crazy, V8 engine failure, automatic transmission faults, seatbelt sensors failing, ignition … Read more

Where are Jeeps Made?

jeep badge on a jeep grand cherokee

As a renowned “rugged looking” car, Jeeps are made for driving in challenging conditions like unpaved roads or across the sand. Many countries also use Jeeps as their military vehicles. Since Jeeps can be found in so many countries, you won’t be wrong to wonder, where are Jeeps made? The majority of Jeeps are manufactured … Read more

6 Common Problems With The Jeep Liberty

2010 Jeep Liberty

Jeep is a manufacturer that caters to every segment of the SUV market, like the Liberty, which falls pretty neatly between the Wrangler and the Grand Cherokee. If you’re looking to get one of these vehicles, you should know the common problems with the Jeep Liberty. The Jeep Liberty is riddled with major problems that … Read more