Mercedes GLA Problems: 12 Common Issues

digital white mercedes benz gla 250 doing some offloading near the ocean

While the Mercedes GLA is known to be a budget-orientated and small SUV, the Mercedes-Benz GLA range has more than its fair share of problems. The Mercedes GLA suffers from collision prevention assist not functioning, start/stop not working as intended, transmissions problems, water pump failure, tire scrubbing, random battery drain, rear seat rattle, fuel door … Read more

Mercedes GLE Problems: 6 Common Issues

red mercedes gle coupe driving on a narrow mountain road

While the Mercedes GLE is known for its luxurious interior and more road-focused handling compared to other SUVs, the Mercedes-Benz GLE range has more than its fair share of problems. The Mercedes GLE suffers from uncomfortable base trim seats, DPF failure, poor-performing headlights, lurching forward when stopped, exhaust drone, and collision prevention assist not working. … Read more

Jeep Grand Cherokee Problems: 21 Common Issues

2017 red and white jeep grand cherokee trailhawk driving throught the woods on snow

While Jeep is known for its offroading agility, luxurious interiors, and excellent designs, the Jeep Grand Cherokee has more than its fair share of problems. The Jeep Grand Cherokee suffers from the engine stalling randomly, power windows failure, death wobble, the instrument cluster going crazy, V8 engine failure, automatic transmission faults, seatbelt sensors failing, ignition … Read more

Nissan Murano Problems: 6 Common Problems

2022 blue nissan murano standing on an estate driveway

If you were considering a Nissan Murano because of its smooth V6 engine and luxurious interior, there are some common issues to consider before taking the plunge. The Nissan Murano suffers from door handles breaking, sun visors dropping, CVT transmission failures, front seat brackets failing, leaking power steering, and ABS actuator failure. To help you … Read more

Nissan Rogue Problems: 6 Common Issues

20218 nissan rogue driving on a city street

While Nissan is also known for good quality cars, some models, like the Nissan Rogue, have some known problems. The Nissan Rogue suffers from CVT automatic transmission failure, paint peeling, HVAC issues, an Infotainment system with a mind of its own, noises emitting from the front of the vehicle, and unintended braking. To help you … Read more

Ford Edge Problems: 13 Common Issues

2018 ford edge in city outskirts

The Ford Edge is Ford’s first attempt at a mid-size CUV (Compact Utility Vehicle), many owners praise the Edge for its safety and for being a perfect vehicle, but the Ford Edge does have its problems. The Ford Edge suffers from PTU failure, transmission sensor malfunction, defective rear wheel bearings, throttle body failure, door ajar … Read more

Volkswagen Tiguan Problems: 7 Common Problems

2023 volkswagen tiguan towing a horse trailer

Even though the VW Tiguan is a mid-tier premium vehicle, it still has some problems to be aware of before buying. The Volkswagen Tiguan suffers from intake manifold failure, timing chain tensioner failure, steering clock spring failure, water pump failure, PCV valve defects, ignition coil failure, and excessive oil consumption. To help you make a … Read more

Toyota RAV4 Problems: 5 Common Issues


While Toyota is well known for reliability, some mistakes slip out of the factory, even for the good ol’ Toyota RAV4. The Toyota RAV4 suffers from automatic gearbox issues, defective piston rings, steering noises, glare issues on the infotainment system, and hesitation lurking at lower speeds. To help you make a more informed decision, we’ve … Read more

Subaru Forester Problems: 5 Common Issues

2022 subaru forester driving in the snow

The Subaru Forester is generally considered a reliable vehicle, and even though it is from a Japanese car manufacturer(known for its reliability) just like the Toyota RAV4, it does have some problems. The Subaru Forester suffers from high oil consumption, broken coil springs, CVT transmission issues, unwanted acceleration, and parasitic power drain.  To help you … Read more

Subaru Crosstrek Problems: 7 Common Issues

2023 subaru crosstrek going on a camping trip

The Subaru Crosstrek started production in 2016, and even though it is a Japanese auto manufacturer (known for its reliability), it has some problems. The Subaru Crosstrek suffers from windshield cracking, ignition problems, factory defect radios, acceleration hesitation, parasitic power draw, sunroof glass failure, and misaligned suspension. To help you make a more informed decision, … Read more