Nissan Murano Problems: 6 Common Problems

2022 blue nissan murano standing on an estate driveway

If you were considering a Nissan Murano because of its smooth V6 engine and luxurious interior, there are some common issues to consider before taking the plunge. The Nissan Murano suffers from door handles breaking, sun visors dropping, CVT transmission failures, front seat brackets failing, leaking power steering, and ABS actuator failure. To help you … Read more

Nissan Rogue Problems: 6 Common Issues

20218 nissan rogue driving on a city street

While Nissan is also known for good quality cars, some models, like the Nissan Rogue, have some known problems. The Nissan Rogue suffers from CVT automatic transmission failure, paint peeling, HVAC issues, an Infotainment system with a mind of its own, noises emitting from the front of the vehicle, and unintended braking. To help you … Read more