Are Range Rovers Reliable? 

2021 white land rover range rover velar phev overlooking a valley

The advertising and branding of Range Rover paint a luxurious picture of a reliable and long-lasting SUV. But, in reality, things may not be quite as they seem. Are Range Rovers reliable? Range Rovers are not very reliable for daily use. Nearly half of surveyed owners needed repairs even when their vehicle was less than … Read more

The Worst SUV To Buy: Land Rover Defender

white land rover defender 130 dune driving

While most vehicles have minor issues, lemons or duds are still being produced. It is no surprise that Land Rover, with the new Defender, deserves the title of the worst SUV to buy in 2022. This article will go through everything that makes the Land Rover Defender the worst SUV. 7 Reasons To Avoid The … Read more