Are Range Rovers Reliable? 

The advertising and branding of Range Rover paint a luxurious picture of a reliable and long-lasting SUV. But, in reality, things may not be quite as they seem. Are Range Rovers reliable?

Range Rovers are not very reliable for daily use. Nearly half of surveyed owners needed repairs even when their vehicle was less than three years old. Common issues include air suspension, premature brake wear, defective airbags, electric issues, oil and sunroof leaks, and steering shaft problems. 

This article has everything you need to know about the reliability of the Range Rover; how long they can last, what repairs they need, and the common issues that usually occur.

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The Most Common Issues In Range Rovers

Here are the reasons for the high costs and many visits to the mechanic for the Range Rover.

1. Premature Brake Wear 

Brakes come first, being the most important safety feature for any vehicle. 

While systems like adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assistance, and blind-spot monitoring may be rendered unnecessary with good driving habits and a well-kept car, strong brakes are crucial. 

Brand-new Range Rover brakes offer excellent deceleration. Still, if they are worn out too quickly, you risk hurting or killing yourself, your passengers, and those traveling in other cars.

2. Leaking Oils

Leaks in the oil compartment are another common issue with Range Rovers. Usually, the drain pump’s faulty seal is the reason behind this issue. 

It’s an easy and inexpensive item to replace. These often happen after the car has been driven 60,000 miles, although they might happen before.

3. Leaks In The Sunroof

Even sunroofs in Range Rovers have reportedly been found to be defective on multiple instances, with water soaking through into the car’s interior. 

This can happen anytime during the vehicle’s life; there is no set period.  

If you don’t identify and address the problem right once, it might result in water damage and discomfort for the passengers.

4. Air Suspension

Several Range Rover owners reported having trouble with their air suspension. Although the air suspension was designed to increase propulsion and ground clearance, it eventually deteriorated. 

Most drivers have discovered that the air suspension breaks after 6 to 10 years, as this problem doesn’t occur overnight.

The primary indication that this is happening is when the car starts to lean to one side. Most drivers switch to conventional coil springs when the air suspension eventually fails. 

If you’re planning to buy a used Range Rover, it might be worth looking into one that has already replaced its air suspension with coil springs to avoid any potential problems.

5. Electric Issues

Over the years, numerous Land Rovers have constantly been plagued by electronic problems. Specifically;

  • Non-engine electrics.
  • Air Conditioning.
  • Satellite Navigation system.

This might not only be a Range Rover problem. Although the technology in cars is improving, more issues are developing.

6. Defective airbags

Many buyers have voiced dissatisfaction with the Range Rover’s airbags’ performance.

Given their size and endurance, SUVs are typically considered safe vehicles, but this issue challenges that assumption. 

The most common reason for airbag issues is the imbalance between the steering columns and airbag springs, eventually leading to a wire failure.

Due to this, the airbag may randomly activate at the same time the vehicle is being driven, which risks causing severe injuries or worse.

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How Long Can Range Rovers Last?

You’d presumably expect a car that costs a minimum of $40,000 new and can sell for well over $150,000 to be dependable and reliable. 

But sadly, that’s not the case with cars made by Land Rover. Their high-quality and technological equipment is extremely expensive to maintain because it doesn’t improve durability.

According to research on used cars using 50,000 extended warranty plans, What Car? and Warranty Direct ranked the Land Rover brand as the lowest dependable car in 2012.

Range Rover received a J.D. Power rating of 2.5 or worse between 2007 and 2016. Only 3 out of 5 or 6 out of 10 were the highest marks given to them. Considering reliability and consistency, this is below average. 

Additionally, Range Rover again performed far worse than normal, with 179 issues per 100 vehicles, compared to the industry average of 133 problems per 100 vehicles.

Note: If you want to purchase this British SUV, you must decide whether Range Rovers are durable enough for you or whether you want a vehicle with fewer issues and less expensive maintenance.

The brand has poor overall durability due to many unplanned fixes and exorbitant parts and labor prices. 

Porsche is the only company that has received a worse score than Range Rovers by RepairPal.

Car Wizard on Youtube made an informative video with his personal experience on Land Rover in general, what models to avoid and which ones are okay:

The CAR WIZARD shares the top LAND ROVERS TO Buy & NOT to Buy!

Final Thoughts On Range Rover Reliability

Several issues must be resolved for the vehicle’s reputation to improve, whether they relate to the air suspension difficulties that impair driving, the ongoing sunroof issues that harm the inside of the car, or the scary airbag concerns. 

The bottom line is that Range Rovers are not an option if you’re looking for a reliable SUV.


At What Mileage Do Range Rovers Start to Malfunction?

A Range Rover over 80,000 miles or more is regarded as having high mileage in the market and is thus riskier to buy since there is a higher likelihood that pending transmission failure and expensive repairs will occur. 

Is the Range Rover Evoque Reliable?

A pitiful score of one out of five was awarded to the Range Rover Evoque. The inbuilt software program and the exhaust or combustion system on this model were the most often reported issues. The breakdown statistics for this model are roughly twice as high as those of comparable vehicles.

Does Range Rover Have Steering Shaft Issues?

Having problems with the steering shaft is a common concern that Range Rover owners have noticed. Indicators of this malfunction include loud sounds while twisting the steering wheel slowly.

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