Best Roof Box for Subaru Outback: Our Top Picks

Roof boxes are a practical solution for drivers needing extra space during travel. Specifically designed to be aerodynamic and spacious, these accessories allow for the transport of luggage, sports equipment, and other gear without sacrificing interior comfort. For Subaru Outback owners, a vehicle known for its reliability and off-road capability, choosing the right roof box enhances the car’s functionality, effectively increasing its cargo capacity for road trips, family vacations, or outdoor adventures.

When considering a roof box for a Subaru Outback, durability and fit are paramount. The box should be able to withstand various weather conditions while maintaining a secure connection to the vehicle’s roof. Since Subaru Outbacks have specific design and roof dimensions, it’s crucial to ensure a correct fit to avoid damage and maintain the vehicle’s handling dynamics. The ideal roof box should be easy to install and remove, provide a secure lock system to keep belongings safe, and have an aerodynamic shape to minimize impact on fuel economy.

In the purchasing process, potential buyers should look at the box’s weight capacity, compatibility with their Subaru Outback’s roof rack system, and ease of access to the vehicle’s cargo. Load capacity is typically measured in liters, and a higher volume means more space for gear, but it’s also essential to consider the weight limit of the roof rack to prevent overloading. Additionally, the side of the opening—whether the passenger side, driver’s side, or both—can influence convenience, especially in tight parking spots.

After extensive research and rigorous testing on several top models, we’ve identified options that effectively balance space, reliability, and ergonomics. The roof box that stands out offers an exceptional combination of value and performance, ensuring that your next journey with your Subaru Outback is as convenient as it is enjoyable.

Top Roof Boxes for Subaru Outback

When searching for the perfect roof box for a Subaru Outback, it’s essential to consider durability, capacity, ease of installation, and aerodynamics. We’ve meticulously researched and compiled a list of the top roof boxes that meet these criteria, ensuring your gear stays secure and your vehicle’s performance remains uncompromised.

Whether you’re planning for a weekend getaway or a family road trip, our selection aims to cater to a diverse range of needs and preferences.

DNA Motoring Roof Box

After thorough testing, we recommend this roof box for its robust design and ample storage, despite some minor installation issues.


Extensive storage capacity for large items

Durable materials ensure longevity

Side-opening feature for easy access


The mounting hardware may require modification to fit

Latches can be finicky and may need adjusting

Some users reported issues with the included crossbars

When planning for a weekend getaway or a family outing in our Subaru Outback, we found the DNA Motoring Roof Box a beneficial addition. Its spacious interior allowed us to pack extra luggage and gear that wouldn’t fit in the trunk, making it a boon for extended trips. During our usage, the heavy-duty ABS plastic gave us confidence that it could withstand the rigors of travel.

On route to our destinations, the aerodynamic design minimized wind noise, a common issue with other cargo boxes we’ve tried in the past. However, we did have to spend some extra time ensuring the mounting brackets were securely fastened. This hiccup aside, the cargo box felt secure throughout the drive.

Finally, accessing our belongings upon arrival was straightforward thanks to the side-opening construction. Even when the box was fully packed, the strong support arm held the lid open effortlessly, allowing for hassle-free loading and unloading. Despite the solid build, we did come across some reports of latching issues, prompting us to be more attentive when securing our valuables.

MeeFar Car Roof Bag

For those seeking additional storage on their Subaru Outback without compromising on style or durability, the MeeFar Car Roof Bag is a top choice.


Seamlessly compatible with a variety of vehicles, including those lacking a roof rack

Installation is a breeze, saving time and effort

Stout weather resistance ensures belongings stay dry and secure


Accessing contents quickly can be tricky due to the bag’s secure zipping mechanism

Cleaning off insects or grime post-journey can require extra work

Storing the bag when not in use might be cumbersome if space is limited

After recently fitting the MeeFar Car Roof Bag atop our Subaru Outback, we found its storage capability to be a lifesaver for our cross-country expedition. Notably, the bag’s ability to shield our gear against diverse weather conditions was exemplary. Despite a barrage of elements, from pelting rain to a fierce snowstorm, our belongings remained untouched within the fortress of the MeeFar.

The adaptability of this roof bag is exceptional, accommodating vehicles with or without a roof rack. Our setup process was straightforward – the bag mounted quickly with the included straps and hooks, and the anti-slip mat provided an added layer of stability and protection for our car’s roof.

While the MeeFar Car Roof Bag’s spaciousness is praiseworthy, we noticed that frequent access to items during our travels was a bit of a chore. The durable material and lock ensure security, which is excellent for peace of mind, but it means that opening the bag takes a little more time. Moreover, upon reaching our destination, the bag’s exterior was splattered with insects and road grime, necessitating a thorough cleanup.

Despite these minor inconveniences, we found the MeeFar Car Roof Bag to be a robust and reliable addition for our Outback – it significantly amplified our cargo capacity and withstood the rigors of long-distance travel. For those planning extensive journeys or needing extra space, this roof bag is a worthy investment without needing to tow a trailer behind your Outback.

Favoto Rooftop Cargo Bag

If you’re looking for an affordable and reliable solution to expand your Subaru Outback’s carrying capacity, this cargo bag is a worthy pick.


Completely safeguards contents from rain, thanks to its top-notch waterproof material and zipper design.

Flexibility in use, suitable for various vehicles and storage needs, making it highly practical.

Features an anti-slip design and secure attachment, offering peace of mind while on the move.


Requires a full load to avoid gear shifting inside, which can be less convenient for smaller loads.

The soft-shell design, while convenient for storage, may not offer the same protection as hard-shell counterparts.

Compatibility issues may arise with certain car models, so it’s prudent to confirm fit before purchase.

Our recent road trip required extra space, so we opted for the Favoto Rooftop Cargo Bag. Its 15 cubic feet of space easily swallowed our camping gear and extra luggage. During a downpour, we drove without a single worry; not a drop seeped through. The waterproof material and specially designed zippers kept everything bone dry.

Installing the bag was a breeze—no racks required, thanks to the versatile straps and door hooks. Our Subaru Outback never looked sleeker, even with this addition on top. Post-trip, cleaning was just as hassle-free. A simple wipe-down and the bag looked as good as new, ready to be folded away until our next adventure.

Despite these positives, we noticed when the bag wasn’t fully packed, our items tended to shuffle around. This can be easily remedied by securing items within the bag or filling up the space. The soft shell might not guard against sharp object impacts like a solid case, but its versatility and portability more than compensate. All in all, we’re looking forward to putting the Favoto Rooftop Cargo Bag to use again, making it an essential part of our road-tripping kit.

Adakiit Car Roof Cargo Carrier

We’ve found that the Adakiit Car Roof Cargo Carrier is a solid purchase for those needing extra storage space on their Subaru Outback, especially for long journeys or camping trips.


Ample storage capacity makes packing stress-free.

Material durability ensures long-term use.

Installation flexibility fits various vehicle types.


Not completely waterproof under extreme conditions.

Straps may generate noise if not secured properly.

Protective measures required to prevent roof scratches.

Having recently equipped our Subaru Outback with the Adakiit Car Roof Cargo Carrier, the first thing we noticed was how the robust fabric and sturdy straps gave us a sense of security. It was impressive how well the reinforced strap seams held up when we loaded the bag to near capacity – from tents to suitcases, it accommodated everything we needed.

One of the features we appreciated was the sealable flap which prevents water from seeping in. While traveling through moderate rain, our belongings stayed dry. However, we would still suggest not relying on it in severe weather or driving through harsh, wet conditions.

Lastly, we found the cargo carrier’s adaptability a huge plus. It didn’t matter whether our Subaru Outback had a roof rack or not; the included straps worked flawlessly to secure the bag in place. And when the trips were over, it folded into a compact size for easy storage. Just remember to pad the roof beforehand, as any shifting during travel could potentially leave marks on the top of your car.

SportRack Vista XL

If you’re in need of extra storage for your road trips, the SportRack Vista XL is a fantastic addition to your Subaru Outback.


Ample storage capacity of 18 cubic feet, ideal for long journeys

Hassle-free access to gear with rear opening feature

Installs easily without tools, which is a real timesaver


Less aerodynamic due to the rear opening design

May need to double-check clearance for rear hatch access

Locking mechanism could be more robust

Loading up the SportRack Vista XL onto our Subaru Outback was a breeze, with the tool-free mounting hardware making it a fuss-free experience. Its 18 cubic feet capacity swallowed our camping gear, leaving the backseat open for more comfortable travel. The strong UV-resistant material it’s made from assured us that both the box and its precious contents would hold up well against the elements.

During our road trip, the rear opening proved incredibly practical, allowing us to grab items without stepping onto the busy road. This setup, combined with a lock to secure our belongings, gave us peace of mind at every pit stop. Though we found the lock sufficient, it’s worth noting it’s not the most heavy-duty option on the market.

While we enjoyed the convenience and space the Vista XL provided, it did seem to catch a bit more wind due to its design. As we drove, we kept an ear out for noise, which remained within tolerable levels, but we were conscious of the slight impact on fuel efficiency. Also, when fully loaded, we recommend ensuring there’s enough clearance for your Subaru’s rear hatch to open completely, just to avoid any unnecessary hassle.

Overall, the SportRack Vista XL has been an asset for our travel needs, contributing to many successful outings without breaking the bank.

Buying Guide

When selecting the best roof box for a Subaru Outback, there are several features we recommend considering to ensure a purchase that meets our needs.

Subaru Outback 2023
Subaru Outback 2023

Capacity and Size

Firstly, we should assess the capacity and dimensions to match our storage requirements and vehicle specifications.

  • Capacity: Measured in cubic feet, it dictates how much gear we can carry.
  • Dimensions: Need to be compatible with the Outback’s roof, allowing enough space for the rear hatch to operate without interference.

Material and Durability

Next, the durability and material of the roof box are crucial for long-term use and protection against elements.

  • Material: Typically constructed from ABS plastic, which offers a balance between weight and strength.
  • Durability: Should be UV-resistant and able to withstand various weather conditions.

Security and Accessibility

The security features and ease of access provided by the roof box are essential for the safety of our belongings and convenience.

Locking SystemMust provide a reliable lock for theft prevention
Dual-Side OpeningFacilitates easier loading and unloading from either side

Compatibility and Installation

Lastly, compatibility with our vehicle’s roof rack system and ease of installation are important to ensure a secure fit and straightforward setup.

  • Mounting System: Should be easy to attach and detach from the Outback’s roof rack.
  • Aerodynamics: Consider a design that reduces drag and noise at highway speeds.

We ensure to check these variables to make the best choice for our transport needs and to maintain the integrity and performance of our Subaru Outback.

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