BMW X2 Problems: 6 Common Issues

The BMW X2 is BMWs answer to the compact premium SUV segment and competes against rivals like the Mercedes GLA, Audi Q3, and Volvo XC40.

And while it is trendy, the BMW X2 has some notable problems:

  • Timing Chain Snapping
  • Noisy Tires
  • Rough Idle On Cold Start
  • Loss Of Audio From Infotainment
  • Hesitation When Accelerating
  • Bluetooth Connection Problem

To help you make a more informed decision, we’ve broken down all of these common issues and looked at some BMW X2 recalls you need to be aware of (especially if you have one of these models).

2022 metallic green and gold bmw x2 goldplay edition driving in a dessert environment on a b road

6 Common BMW X2 Problems

1. Timing Chain Snapping

On the B47 2.0 liter turbo-diesel engine equipped BMW X2 models, the engine is prone to stretch the timing chain and later cause damage to the rocker arms, cam carriers, and valves.

The engines are susceptible to poor maintenance so do not skip or stretch out service intervals with the B47 engine.

2. Noisy Tires

The BMW X2 is sold with run-flat tires as standard, and they are known to be hard sidewall tires.

Due to the rigid sidewall, the tire cannot absorb some of the road’s vibrations, resulting in the owners complaining about road noise and vibrations entering the cabin.

The fix is to replace the tires with non-run-flat tires, but the only problem is the car is not built to carry a spare wheel, so having a spare takes up some of the luggage space.

3. Rough Idle On Cold Start

Some owners of the BMW X2 experienced rough idle when starting the vehicle for the first time in a day.

For some, it was just the sparkplugs that were failing, while others experienced it just after a routine service and the cause was a bad update uploaded on the car’s ECU.

To fix this issue, replace the faulty sparkplugs or take your car to a BMW-certified mechanic to update the software.

4. Loss Of Audio From Infotainment

A handful of X2 owners have experienced the infotainment system or any electronics using the car’s factory speakers to be entirely silent for long periods.

Everything works; it is just the sound that is not emitted from the speakers, and after numerous trips to and from the dealerships, maaii11 on found the culprit.

The factory amplifier was at fault, and he shared a picture showing its location.

5. Hesitation When Accelerating

It is a severe problem with the X2 as many owners have complained that their X2 hesitates when accelerating, especially from a crawl or stopped.

This is most prominent when the vehicle is in the gearbox’s comfort or standard mode setting.

Some owners keep their cars permanently in sport mode to eliminate this issue, while others don’t like the snappy response delivered by the sport setting.

One owner’s issue was a vacuum leak that caused the vehicle to draw unmetered air and caused his hesitation.

6. Bluetooth Connection Problem

While it might not be the end of the world, it is very irritating if your phone does not want to connect to the BMW X2 infotainment system.

This is an entirely random issue, as it happens to some Android users and even Apple phones.

So far, there isn’t a fix posted about this other than downgrading or upgrading your operating system on the phone to connect to the X2 infotainment system.

BMW X2 Recalls

While recalls fix vehicle issues, there is still a chance that some cars never got fixed.

Either the owner did everything DIY or took it to a private mechanic who never knew about the recalls.

So it is advantageous for you as a potential buyer or owner of a BMW X2 to learn about these recalls. 

And if you already own an X2, take your vehicle to a dedicated BMW dealer or trustworthy mechanic as soon as possible to rectify these problems.

2019 Recalls

  • 2018 to 2019 X2 sDrive28i and xDrive28i models have the wrong firmware installed to detect the crankshaft position sensor, which can result in the vehicle stalling and causing a crash.
  • 2019 X2 xDrive28i models The tie rod may be incorrectly assembled, causing excessive wear to the tie rod end and can break, resulting in loss of vehicle control.

2020 Recall

  • 2020 X2 xDrive28i and sDrive28i models, there is a problem with the rollover sensor for the airbag control unit; the airbags and seat belt pretensioners may not operate as intended during a rollover.

2021 Recalls

  • 2021 X2 sDrive28i, xDrive28i, and M35i models, the ALR (Automatic Locking Retractor) may deactivate early during a crash, increasing the chance of injury.


2020 blue bmw x2 hybrid driving on a closed circuit

Final Thoughts On BMW X2 Problems

The BMW X2 has minimal issues compared to other cars like the Mercedes GLA with its many problems or the Ford Edge with twice as many issues.

If you do experience any problems with your X2, the best thing to do is to take it to a BMW dealership and have them check for any recalls that haven’t been completed.

If you are in the market for a used X2, get a full vehicle history report and avoid any models with an outstanding recall.

Hopefully, you found this article helpful, and you can go to your next BMW X2 test drive knowing what to look out for.

Here is Matt Watson showing his review of the BMW X2 with some neat features and design flaws:

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Is The BMW X2 Reliable?

Yes, with a score of 80/100 on J.D. Powers consumer rating, it is better than the Audi Q3 and the same as the Volvo XC40.
It is only beaten by its smaller sibling, the BMW X1, which scored 86/100.

Where Is The BMW X2 Manufactured?

The BMW X2 is manufactured and assembled in Regensburg, Germany, and assembled in Tiexi, Shenyang, China.
The X2 has been in production since November 2017 and was designed by Sebastian Simm.

Does The BMW X2 Have A Timing Belt?

No, the BMW X2 in the gasoline and diesel variants are only equipped with timing chains; this includes the B38, B48, and B38A petrol engines and the B37 and B47 diesel engines.

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