Best Bike Rack for Toyota RAV4

A reliable bike rack is an essential accessory for Toyota RAV4 owners and cycling enthusiasts who love to explore far beyond their local trails.

Whether scaling mountains, commuting to a nearby park, or venturing on a cross-country tour, a suitable bike rack ensures that transport is secure and convenient without compromising the RAV4’s functionality.

There are several types of bike racks available, including hitch-mounted, roof-mounted, and trunk-mounted options. Each design has its own merits.

Hitch-mounted racks are loved for their stability and ease of loading, while roof-mounted racks are favored for their minimal interference with vehicle access. Trunk-mounted racks offer a balance of affordability and ease of installation, suitable for occasional users with lighter bikes.

When shopping for a bike rack for a Toyota RAV4, it is critical to consider factors like the ease of installation, the number of bikes it can carry, and how it affects vehicle access.

Additionally, the rack’s durability, security features, and impact on fuel efficiency should also be taken into account.

With these considerations in mind, a bike rack can provide a dependable solution for transporting bikes without compromising on comfort or vehicle performance.

Top Bike Racks for Toyota RAV4

After researching extensively and understanding the specific needs of Toyota RAV4 owners, we’ve compiled a list of the best bike racks that offer compatibility, convenience, and security for your vehicle.

Whether you prefer roof-mounted, hitch-mounted, or spare-tire-mounted options, our selection aims to cater to various preferences and requirements.

Allen MT-2 Bike Rack

We recommend this bike rack as a smart choice for casual cyclists who need a reliable, portable solution for their Toyota RAV4.


Effortless to store and transport when not in use

Sturdy design that keeps the bikes stable during transit

Hassle-free setup straight out of the box


Limited to carrying only two bikes

May obscure the car’s taillights if not installed with care

Straps require regular checking to ensure they’re snug during longer trips

Having just had the chance to employ the Allen MT-2 Bike Rack on our RAV4, we were struck by its compact nature.

When it’s time to hit the road, the rack’s small form factor is a huge boon, making it hardly noticeable in our trunk until it’s needed.

Mounting the rack to our RAV4 felt intuitive. The simplicity of extending the arms, positioning the bikes, and securing them with the tie-downs took mere moments, and off we went.

Throughout the journey, the padding and tie-downs instilled confidence, keeping our bikes motionless and unscathed by the road’s challenges.

Once home, it was a breeze to fold up the Allen MT-2 Rack and stash it away.

The fact that it lies in wait in such a small carrying bag means our next spontaneous biking adventure is never too far off.

Allen Deluxe 2-Bike Rack

We’ve tested it, and it’s safe to say that the Allen Deluxe 2-Bike Rack is a reliable choice for transporting your bicycles on a Toyota RAV4.


Quick and easy to set up

Sturdy construction providing a secure hold

Fully assembled out of the box


Could potentially obstruct vehicle’s rear view if not mounted carefully

Not suitable for very long trips without additional securing measures

Straps require meticulous attention to prevent loosening over time

After strapping the Allen Deluxe 2-Bike Rack to our Toyota RAV4, it was immediately clear how convenient it is to have a rack that comes fully assembled.

There’s no fiddling around with parts or tools; it just unfolds and is ready to go. In under five minutes, we had the rack mounted and secured.

The stability of the rack impressed us. Once we’d loaded our bikes and tightened everything down, the snug fit left us confident that our bicycles were securely attached throughout the drive.

The individual tie-downs are a particular highlight, ensuring each bicycle remains firmly in place.

What became apparent was the ease of storage. When we were done using it, the rack folded flat effortlessly, which made storing it in the garage a breeze.

This is particularly handy for those of us with limited storage space who can’t deal with bulky items lingering around.

Allen Deluxe Bike Rack

We think the Allen Deluxe Bike Rack is a dependable choice for RAV4 owners who need a secure and easy-to-use bike transport solution.


Quick installation process

Secure hold for two bikes without scratching the vehicle

High compatibility with various spare tire mounts


Minor setup required

No lock included for anti-theft

Limited to two bikes only

After securing the Allen Deluxe Bike Rack to our RAV4’s spare tire, we appreciated the crystal-clear instructions that made assembly straightforward.

With the rack in place, we loaded two mountain bikes, each weighing around 30 pounds.

The carry arms, being 15 inches long, held the bikes sufficiently apart to avoid any contact during transport.

The padded lower frame design impressed us, as it prevented any damage to our RAV4 by keeping the bikes away from the car’s body. Concerns about the vehicle’s paint getting scratched were unfounded thanks to how the bikes were positioned.

Admittedly, we did miss having a built-in lock to secure the bikes to the rack.

To ensure extra safety, we recommend investing in a separate bike lock for added peace of mind.

Despite this, from our experience, the Allen Deluxe Bike Rack offers reliability and value, serving as a solid companion for our biking adventures.

Thule Gateway Pro Trunk Bike Rack

We recommend this bike rack for its remarkable sturdiness and ease of use, especially suitable for those seeking a dependable trunk-mounted solution.


Securely holds bikes without any sway, even on long trips

Folds down when not in use for convenient storage

Tool-free installation promotes a hassle-free setup


May not accommodate certain frame styles without an additional adapter

Straps can be tricky to keep in place, requiring attention

Lack of built-in lock for securing the rack to the vehicle

Upon mounting the Thule Gateway to our RAV4, the rack’s stability immediately impressed us.

The anti-sway cradles did wonders; not once did our bikes bump into each other, whether cruising through city streets or traversing over bumpy rural roads. That’s a relief, considering the damage that can occur when bikes collide.

The ability to fold the rack arms down was a real space-saver. Parked in a tight garage or driving without bikes, this feature helped avoid unwanted knocks and scrapes.

Furthermore, the ease of installation was a game-changer. With no tools required, we were ready to hit the road in no time – a boon for those who value convenience.

One issue did surface, though. The rack’s straps demanded extra vigilance as they tended to loosen a bit over time.

Periodic checks were necessary to ensure they stayed put.

Also, while the lack of a locking mechanism might not be a deal-breaker for everyone, we would have appreciated a way to lock the rack to the car for added security.

Blueshyhall Bike Rack

We believe this bike rack is a suitable choice for occasional users who need an affordable, foldable option for their Toyota RAV4.


Foldable arms allow for easy storage when not in use

Simple set up makes it convenient for infrequent use

Individual cradles help to protect the bike frames


The straps might not be reliable for long or frequent trips

Some users report difficulty with initial assembly

Lack of a secure lock for the hooks could be a safety concern


  • Foldable arms allow for easy storage when not in use
  • Simple set up makes it convenient for infrequent use
  • Individual cradles help to protect the bike frames


  • The straps might not be reliable for long or frequent trips
  • Some users report difficulty with initial assembly
  • Lack of a secure lock for the hooks could be a safety concern

After recently trying out the Blueshyhall Car Bicycle Stand, we noticed the design makes it quite versatile for a variety of vehicles beyond the Toyota RAV4, fitting most sedans, hatchbacks, minivans, and SUVs.

It’s particularly handy for those of us who lack garage space because of its compact nature when folded.

Handling the bike rack, we found the cradles to be soft, which eliminated concerns about potential damage to our bike frames. However, they require careful mounting to ensure the bikes are properly secured.

The carry arms were notably easy to fold down, allowing us to access the rear of the vehicle without any hassle.

Throughout the use, we appreciated the product’s lightweight and non-complicated system.

But we did experience some challenges with the initial setup.

Adjusting the rails took patience due to the nuts that came loose and straps that felt less robust than we had hoped for, which may not instill confidence for those planning to use the rack frequently or for extended road trips.

Buying Guide

Toyota RAV4 with bike rack

When selecting a bike rack for your Toyota RAV4, it’s crucial to consider various factors to ensure you make the best choice for your needs. We’ll explore the key features to look for in a bike rack.

Types of Bike Racks

First, decide on the type of bike rack that suits your preferences:

  • Hitch-mounted: Offers easy loading and is compatible with many bikes, but requires a hitch.
  • Roof-mounted: Frees up space and allows access to the trunk, but can be challenging to load.
  • Trunk-mounted: Portable and easy to store, but less stable than hitch or roof racks.

Bike Rack Capacity

Consider the number of bikes you plan to carry:

BikesRack Type
1-2All types
3-4Hitch, roof
5+Large hitch rack

Key Features

Examine these features to match with your needs:

  • Locking Mechanism: Ensures security of bikes during transport.
  • Durability: Look for sturdy construction to withstand weather and road conditions.
  • Ease of Installation: User-friendly attachments save time and effort.
  • Vehicle Access: Some racks allow the trunk to be opened without removing the rack.

Compatibility and Access

Ensure the rack fits your RAV4’s specifications and allows for proper vehicle access:

  • Hitch size (if applicable)
  • Roof dimensions (for roof-mounted racks)
  • Trunk access (consider tilt-down or swing-away features)

Frequently Asked Questions

When selecting a bike rack for your Toyota RAV4, compatibility with vehicle design and your biking needs are critical. Here we address common inquiries to help guide you through the decision-making process.

For a Toyota RAV4 equipped with a rear-mounted spare tire, we recommend a spare-tire bike rack. These racks are designed to attach specifically to the vehicle’s spare tire, providing a secure fit and easy access to your bikes without impeding the rear door functionality.

Trunk bike racks are typically more universal in terms of vehicle compatibility, making them a versatile option. However, they can be less stable than hitch bike racks and may obstruct access to the vehicle’s trunk or rear hatch. Hitch bike racks are generally more stable, as they connect directly to the vehicle’s frame, and they allow for unimpeded access to the rear of the vehicle.

Hitch bike racks are often preferable for RAV4 owners due to their lower loading height and the reduced risk of vehicle damage during loading or unloading. However, installation of a hitch receiver is necessary if your RAV4 is not already equipped with one. We find that roof-mounted racks may be more beneficial for users who require full access to the vehicle’s rear area and can lift bikes onto the roof.

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