Jeep Commander Problems: 4 Common Issues

2007 black jeep commander crd limited driving though a creek in the woods

Suppose you were thinking of buying a Jeep Commander because of its rugged looks, offroad capability, and the option of the incredible HEMI V8. In that case, there are some common issues to consider before taking the plunge. The Jeep Commander suffers from the interior door handles breaking, engine stalling without warning, sunroof leaking, and … Read more

Worst Jeep Wrangler Years: Common Problems

2014 blue polar edition jeep wrangler 5 door driving in the alps

The worst years for Jeep Wranglers were 2007 to 2014, these years spanned over most of the Jeep Wrangler JK lifespan, and most issues stayed the same through the years. While the Jeep Wrangler is a staple in the offroad scene, some year models have many problems that should be avoided at all costs. This … Read more

How Much Can a Ford Explorer Tow?

green 2021 Ford Explorer Timberline with adventure trailer and bicycles at tow

Power and capability take top priority among the characteristics you consider while looking for 3-row SUVs. The vehicle must be capable of transporting your entire family long distances, and occasionally you might want to hitch a trailer to the back. But just how much can a Ford Explorer tow? The maximum towing capacity of the … Read more

The Worst SUV To Buy: Land Rover Defender

white land rover defender 130 dune driving

While most vehicles have minor issues, lemons or duds are still being produced. It is no surprise that Land Rover, with the new Defender, deserves the title of the worst SUV to buy in 2022. This article will go through everything that makes the Land Rover Defender the worst SUV. 7 Reasons To Avoid The … Read more

Mercedes GLK Problems: 5 Common Issues

golden metallic Mercedes-Benz GLK 320 CDI 4MATIC going through a axle twister obstacle

While the Mercedes GLK is Mercedes’s competitor in the compact luxury crossover market, as the name also implies, “Geländewagen Luxus Kompaktklasse” ( german for “All-terrain Luxury Compact class”) but it does have some common problems. The Mercedes GLK suffers from auto-up side windows not working, wind noise, NOx sensor problems, ticking sound from the engine, … Read more

Mercedes GLA Problems: 12 Common Issues

digital white mercedes benz gla 250 doing some offloading near the ocean

While the Mercedes GLA is known to be a budget-orientated and small SUV, the Mercedes-Benz GLA range has more than its fair share of problems. The Mercedes GLA suffers from collision prevention assist not functioning, start/stop not working as intended, transmissions problems, water pump failure, tire scrubbing, random battery drain, rear seat rattle, fuel door … Read more

Mercedes GLE Problems: 6 Common Issues

red mercedes gle coupe driving on a narrow mountain road

While the Mercedes GLE is known for its luxurious interior and more road-focused handling compared to other SUVs, the Mercedes-Benz GLE range has more than its fair share of problems. The Mercedes GLE suffers from uncomfortable base trim seats, DPF failure, poor-performing headlights, lurching forward when stopped, exhaust drone, and collision prevention assist not working. … Read more

Jeep Grand Cherokee Problems: 21 Common Issues

2017 red and white jeep grand cherokee trailhawk driving throught the woods on snow

While Jeep is known for its offroading agility, luxurious interiors, and excellent designs, the Jeep Grand Cherokee has more than its fair share of problems. The Jeep Grand Cherokee suffers from the engine stalling randomly, power windows failure, death wobble, the instrument cluster going crazy, V8 engine failure, automatic transmission faults, seatbelt sensors failing, ignition … Read more

Nissan Murano Problems: 6 Common Problems

2022 blue nissan murano standing on an estate driveway

If you were considering a Nissan Murano because of its smooth V6 engine and luxurious interior, there are some common issues to consider before taking the plunge. The Nissan Murano suffers from door handles breaking, sun visors dropping, CVT transmission failures, front seat brackets failing, leaking power steering, and ABS actuator failure. To help you … Read more

Small SUV With the Best Gas Mileage: Top 5

hyundai kona and kona n line

Gas prices worldwide are at an all-time high, and now more than ever, you require a car that gives you good value for money when it comes to gas. For all SUV lovers, there’s an easy compromise for your car preferences and wallet. You can opt for small SUVs to get the best mileage for … Read more